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Proper Movement: Wall Walks

A wall walk workout is a challenging and dynamic exercise that combines elements of strength, stability, and coordination. To perform a wall walk, start in a plank position with your feet against a wall and your hands on the ground, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Gradually walk your hands towards the wall as you step your feet up, aiming to move into a vertical position with your body parallel to the wall. This movement requires controlled engagement of the core, shoulders, and upper body muscles. At the top of the wall walk, hold the position momentarily before reversing the motion and walking your hands back to the starting plank position. Wall walks are an effective way to build upper body strength, shoulder stability, and improve body awareness. They also provide an element of balance and flexibility as you adapt to being inverted. Incorporating wall walks into your routine can help diversify your workout, challenge your muscles in new ways, and contribute to improved overall fitness. However, proper form is crucial to avoid straining the shoulders or lower back, so ensure you maintain a stable core and move slowly and controlled throughout the movement.


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